The Digital Service Process

Give your customer the option to interact how they want
Digital service

Deliver the ultimate in Customer Service

MyAutoCompanion gives your customer the ability to communicate with your service department in app through the whole service process.

App Notification Service Reminder
Have your Service Reminder pop straight up on your customer's phone - with one click to access the Online Service Booking
Online Service Booking
The app knows all about the customer, and his car so a service booking is just about confirming the work required and selecting a date
Online Check In
Just like catching a plane - the customer can check his car into the workshop online, authorising the work and confirming attendance,
Keylocker Drop Off
If the customer wants, when he arrives at the dealership, he can chose in the app to drop his keys off in a locker. This allows drop off's before the dealership opens., The Service Job is updated as "Dropped off" so the keys can be retrieved. Together with the online check in, this removes the requirement for the customer to queue or take a Service Receptionist's time at drop off unless required,
In App Status Updates
No need for the customer to ring up to see if his car is ready! The app shows the live status, and messages from Service appear as notifications with the option of replying
Digital Invoicing and Payment
The customer's invoice is delivered to the app, with a notification with the option to pay online via the APP.
Keylocker Check Out
If the customer chooses, he can request a key locker check out. So when he arrives at the dealership - even out of hours - he can simply go to the key locker and open the locker with the app to retrieve his keys.

Join the Digital Revolution - Deliver the Customer the experience he deserves and own your customer.